Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Park In the Begining - Old Stable

Tealtown was given a gift from the heart. The owner of the farm did not want the land developed, nature wins one. I live next to Rowe Woods right up the road from this nice piece of land. This area has always seemed the entrance to the Tealtown nature type area of North Union Township. A area with a huge nature preserve and now a public area that will evolve into a small park and nice wetlands nature preserve. Chris Clingman of Clermont County Parks directs this project.

I am taking some picture to document the evolution of the farm to a park and nature preserve with Chris Clingman's permission. I am creating a website to help promote the need for some funding to develop the park and trails for the nature preserve. A park where you can take your dog for a leached walk with nature. Union Township does not allow dogs in township parks. This will be a Clermont county park and nature preserve.