Monday, November 28, 2011

From Horse Farm to Shor Park Work Begins

The following pictures are of the excavation of the parking area of Shor Park. The pictures will be over several days of work. I would stop some mornings, and some evening on my way to and from work.

It took some time to see how they planned on moving stuff and dirt around to form the parking area. There someday maybe a restroom and other facilities in the park. Donation to Clermont County Parks toward Shor Park is always welcome.

The contribution is tax deductible. These are some early morning shots, next Blog will be some day time pictures.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shor Park Autumn 2011

This year the house and barn are gone but a nice paved parking area is there. You can see the many trails and more to come. I have not walked them just yet. Clermont County Park District has done a excellent job of building the park so far. I think Mr. Shor would be very proud of the out come of Mrs. Shor's gift to the people of Clermont County.

Next Blog I will show some pictures of the excavating of the parking lot and trail headings. The park workers and other volunteers have begun well in the task of building a nature preserve and park.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shor Park 2008 Before the Development

Back in 2008 I began this Blog to do a photograph documentary of the development of 53 ares of land in north Union twp. This was once a farm when I first moved into this area.

I asked the Director of Clermont county parks if this would be okay. Jim welcomed the idea so here are some of the pictures taken before and during the area we now know as Shor Park.

I also like to call it Tealtown Nature Preserve. I was able to walk around quite a bit of the park on several week ends either by myself or with my son Max. I wish I could have taken a ladder with me. Would have made for some much nicer landscapes.

I have quite a few more pictures of Shor Park. I wanted to post as many as possible in honor of Mrs Shor who donated the land with special conditions of limited development. She and her husband loved nature and wanted this land to stay as natural to nature for kids and families to enjoy.

A Clermont County Park that allows kids to explore nature in a natural way. Not a simulated play area. A real place to get back with nature. Get a little muddy and walk the trails and enjoy the fields and woodlands off Tealtown road. It is called Shor park, Tealtown Nature Preserve.